Catalyst Conversations on the Essay & MAP Magazine’s gorgeous collection of experimental essays Do Not Make The.  Contributors include: Lisa Robertson, Joanna Walsh, Claire Heuchan, Kate Briggs, Isabella Streffen, Maria Sledmere, Emily Lebarge, Colette O'Connor, Chin Li, Fiona Montgomery, Bea Gates, Tracy Mackenna, Ruth Novaczek, Esa Aldegheri, Christopher Boyd, Katherine Mackinnon, and Miranda Stewart. Launched 24th of May 2018 at 6:30 at the CCA in Glasgow.

A collection of 15 hybrid, genre-bending, experimental essays - four commissioned, eleven chosen from over 80 submissions. Personal and political, some gentle, others playful and irreverent, this anthology shuffles text, image and moving image, following no single tack as it builds creative and critical resilience. Edited by Elizabeth Reeder, Laura Edbrook and Alice Bain.